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"Peter shares his personal experiences in a powerful and positive way and demonstrates to his students How To Be Bigger Than They Think They Are! I leave each workshop session invigorated and fresh! Special thanks to Peter and his shining example of acceptance and compassion for self and others."

Cynthia Myers-Morrison EdD, Food Addiction Counselor, Co-Author of THE FIX for Cravings

"I read Peter’s book and have been attending his online workshops for several months. I find the workshops are a great source of advice, encouragement and motivation. I highly recommend his book and the workshops as you will get the tools you need to have the life you want!"

Lyne Laverdière, Quebec, CANADA

Student Testimonials

"I've had the privilege to study and integrate the life-changing ideas in "Be Bigger Than You Think You Are!" directly with the author. Peter's perspective has guided me through a major career move and many relationship issues, and I am now making more empowered decisions and taking healthy risks literally every day."

Rabbi Osher Werner, Israel

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