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Be Bigger Than You Think You Are!®

Overcoming our self-imposed limits to have the life we want

"I believe most of us are a lot more lovable and capable than we know."
- Peter Alessandria
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Peter Alessandria

Peter Alessandria



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Money-back guarantee! If you don't love the book, you get your money back!

"Peter is a candid writer willing to discuss where he started, where he ended up, and how he got from one to the other with a frankness that is comforting and helpful to readers. Be Bigger Than You Think You Are is that rare beast; a self-help book that correctly estimates where its readers are at and what they need to grow and develop."

K.C. Finn

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"My favorite parts of this book are Peter's personal stories. This is hard work for all of us. His humor and vulnerability coupled with real tangible tools make this book a gem among all the personal growth books out there."

Elissa Sheinkin, LMHC, NCC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Wellington FL

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"i could never do that"

"no one is gonna like me"

"why bother - nothing

is going to come from this"

"that's just the way I am"

AUTHOR's Message

"How we see ourselves is everything."


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March 2024

What if everything you believe about yourself is untrue? Especially those negative thoughts or beliefs about who you are and what you're capable of? Just go with it for a minute: what if, like most people, you arrived at certain erroneous conclusions about yourself at a very young age, and you've never questioned those conclusions? In fact, you probably aren't even aware that many of these negative thoughts and beliefs are  still directing your life.


For me, I woke up one day in my 30's and realized much of the life I was living was based on the mind of a five year old. I had a whole series of unloving, disempowering thoughts and beliefs about myself that were running - and ruining - my life. And I didn't even know that's what was happening - I thought that's just way I was!

If you want a bigger life, you have to reprogram all that. In a nutshell, that's what my book and videos are about. Uncovering and then reprograming what's holding us back. I can almost guarantee the only thing that's standing between you and everything you want in life are your unconscious, negative thoughts and beliefs about yourself.

I hope you'll give yourself the gift of freeing yourself from those negative programs so that you can then use your gifts to create the life you want and make the world a better place in the process.

Remember this always: you're probably a lot more lovable and capable than you know!  Wishing you all the best!

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