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Overcoming our self-imposed limits to have the life we want

"I believe we're a lot more lovable and capable than we know. My mission is to help each of us realize the greatness we have within."
- Peter Alessandria
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Peter Alessandria




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"My favorite parts of this book are Peter's personal stories. This is hard work for all of us. His humor and vulnerability coupled with real tangible tools make this book a gem among all the personal growth books out there."

Elissa Sheinkin, LMHC, NCC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Wellington FL

"Peter expresses a wide range of connected ideas with refreshing honesty, simplicity, and clarity. His work has profoundly helped me to both understand and experience the direct relationship between forgiveness and liberation."

Sarah M.

Los Angeles, CA

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"i could never do that"

"no one is gonna like me"

"why bother - nothing

is going to come from this"

"that's just the way I am"

AUTHOR's Message

Peter Alessandria

Photo Credit: Brooke Terzidis

"How we see ourselves is everything."

February 2021 - COVID-19 Crisis

    As we move into the next phase of global recovery from the Covid-19 crisis, many questions remain unanswered. Yet despite the uncertainty, we can and must move forward with our lives. The key is to see ourselves in a positive way relative to everything that’s going around us. Remember: the situation is never the problem; the problem is always and only how we see ourselves in that situation. We can each choose a self-image that carries us over any obstacles. Most people are a lot more loveable and capable than they know.

     So tell yourself often and loudly, “I got this!” when faced with the difficulties life sends your way. Our greatest challenges have the potential to show us – and the world – how wonderful we really are. Each person has the potential to conquer even their greatest difficulties. Believe in yourself – and be prepared to see how awesome you really are!

     Wishing you all the best!

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